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Friday 7 August 2020

Overdue news!

2018 news

Only one foal this year - F. Peony, grey filly by the borrowed stallion Springbourne Elmer ex F. Primrose, who will be retained. I was thrilled when my lovely F. Prima Donna won my first Bronze Medal in the capable hands of Liesle Mead. On the dispersal of the Langevoren Stud, home of the only Glenfield bloodline still around in the form of the offspring of G. Chocolate Cream I was given her best son LV Charles, aged 25yo, who sadly turned out to be infertile. Worth a try though, and he had a happy last year here with me. I also bought the lovely youngster LV Rusty Rose by LV Reuben ex Flydon Rosies Last to be a broodmare. The last of the Ds here, my daughter Lexy's two, left here, so now I only have my own As rather to my relief as I was finding them too big for me to handle with confidence.

2019 news

Again, only one foal this year, but I have been very lucky in having fillies in the last few years as they was again a filly, this time by F. Zeus ex Sarum Columbine. Sadly Columbine had developed Cushings disease in the latter part of 2018, while already pregnant, so lived in my sand school until the foal was born and weaned, and then very sadly was pts. She had three lovely fillies for me, all still here, and the last was named F. Columbine after her. I had Columbine and Peony in at night through the winter of 19/20, as I do with all my foals but not usually yearlings, so they are now firm friends. The 3yo F. Cats Eye went to Katherine McGrail to be broken, then came back for a break while F. Crocus went in her stead.

2020 news

The year of the virus! I bought a new mare, Telaid Bara Gwyn (Dyed Popcorn ex T. Bara Brith by Flydon Henri ap Pip) who I had seen at the last Fayre Oaks Sale in 2019 and liked. She, Rusty Rose and Cadw Cyfrenig have run out with F. Zeus, so I look forward to their foals next year. F. Crocus came home, and Katherine took Katy (F. Cats Eye) back to get going again and hopefully sell.