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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Ponies who have left us

So far this year two have been pts, and four sold.

Age caught up with Penwisg Orator and he started losing weight rapidly for no apparent reason, so after a fun month out with the mares he was pts at home. He had a good time here for his last years. Tragically for me though was F. Creme de Cassis, only 16yo and our favourite pony, who I was hoping to breed some more lovely foals from. She had major, violent colic and it was the only thing to be done for her, a final kindness to stop her suffering. Sadly I have no daughter to carry on her line, she only had two lovely colts now both gelded and successful under saddle.

The four sold were F. Locomotion, who found a wonderful home with his half brother F. Belleboy; the latter is mother's and Monty is daughter's. Good luck to them all. Three As have also been sold, F. Cosmos (4th RWAS this year) has gone to Northern Ireland to be ridden, driven a cover a few mares, and F. Camellia and F. Moonstone went together to the NE Midlands to be ridden ponies.