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Friday 29 July 2022


We seem to have reached the end of the restrictions stage of covid thank goodness.

My big news is that I was offered the chance to buy the top stallion Flydon Dant-y-Llew, sire of wonderful stock for the Flydon stud. Of course I jumped at the chance, and he has been running out with three mares here this summer - Gwyn, Rusty Rose and Pearl. He is a perfect gentleman, such a sweetheart, and he seems to be enjoying his life here out in the field 24/7 all year round. Crocus and Cat's Eye have been sold, the latter to Germany! I can't keep them all, although I'm not very good at selling them, but they have both gone to lovely riding homes. Some of the older mares have been retired from breeding, both for various health reasons and to make room for the younger mares in the breeding herd. Floreat Columbine, now a 3yo, is being shown this season by Leisl Mead, and has had fantastic results, not over yet. Gwyn had a palomino filly in 2021 by Zeus, named F. Gilded Lily, who is growing on well, if at a gawky stage at present! I have had three foals this year: F. Clematis (Matty) filly by Danty ex F. Dawn Chorus, and two by Flydon Llew, kindly lent to me last year by the Flydon Stud - colt F. Darius ex F. Double Cream and filly F. Zelfa ex F. Zerlina. they all look very promising.

Friday 7 August 2020

Overdue news!

2018 news

Only one foal this year - F. Peony, grey filly by the borrowed stallion Springbourne Elmer ex F. Primrose, who will be retained. I was thrilled when my lovely F. Prima Donna won my first Bronze Medal in the capable hands of Liesle Mead. On the dispersal of the Langevoren Stud, home of the only Glenfield bloodline still around in the form of the offspring of G. Chocolate Cream I was given her best son LV Charles, aged 25yo, who sadly turned out to be infertile. Worth a try though, and he had a happy last year here with me. I also bought the lovely youngster LV Rusty Rose by LV Reuben ex Flydon Rosies Last to be a broodmare. The last of the Ds here, my daughter Lexy's two, left here, so now I only have my own As rather to my relief as I was finding them too big for me to handle with confidence.

2019 news

Again, only one foal this year, but I have been very lucky in having fillies in the last few years as they was again a filly, this time by F. Zeus ex Sarum Columbine. Sadly Columbine had developed Cushings disease in the latter part of 2018, while already pregnant, so lived in my sand school until the foal was born and weaned, and then very sadly was pts. She had three lovely fillies for me, all still here, and the last was named F. Columbine after her. I had Columbine and Peony in at night through the winter of 19/20, as I do with all my foals but not usually yearlings, so they are now firm friends. The 3yo F. Cats Eye went to Katherine McGrail to be broken, then came back for a break while F. Crocus went in her stead.

2020 news

The year of the virus! I bought a new mare, Telaid Bara Gwyn (Dyed Popcorn ex T. Bara Brith by Flydon Henri ap Pip) who I had seen at the last Fayre Oaks Sale in 2019 and liked. She, Rusty Rose and Cadw Cyfrenig have run out with F. Zeus, so I look forward to their foals next year. F. Crocus came home, and Katherine took Katy (F. Cats Eye) back to get going again and hopefully sell.

Saturday 4 November 2017

2017 New additions!

Five lovely foals were born this year, all by the leased Dutch stallion Langevoren Chocolate Cream's Last. Sarum Columbine and Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig foaled together first, both fillies and named F. Choisya and F. Dawn Chorus respectively, the latter having been born on World Dawn Chorus Day. A month later Brown Prelude had the only colt of the five, named F. Purcell, and F. Creme Chantilly a filly named F. Double Cream. Three weeks later came F. Pearl out of Seaview Jewel. All beautiful foals, and all will be grey - I did hope for some colour but not to be. All the fillies will be retained.

I have a new mare too, many thanks to owner/breeder Anne Brown - Brown Madam Butterfly, half sister to Lulu by Bengad Dogberry. And she's BAY, for a change! In foal to Heniarth Quinnell, which is exciting.

Wednesday 29 March 2017


I'm well overdue for a stud update!

No new additions in 2016 apart from the four foals born, three by Zeus and Columbine's lovely dark grey filly by Heniarth Quinnell, now named F. Crocus. Of the Zeus foals, F. Creme Chantilly had a cremello colt, F. Custard Cream, now with Katherine McGrail and the other two were fillies, F. Zerlina, grey ex F. Prima Donna and F. Catseye, buckskin ex Seaview Jewel, all three fillies retained. Crocus is currently with Liesl Burt to be shown.

In 2016 five mares ran with a lovely Dutch stallion, Langevoren Chocolate Cream's Last (Bengad Dogberry ex Glenfield Chololate Cream by G. Chololate Soldier) and all look well in foal. He was brought in for his Glenfield bloodlines, very difficult to find now. I used to help with covering at Glenfield, and very very few ponies have been bred there for years, so I hope for some good foals to keep the lines going in the UK. Very many thanks to Sjef de Kanter of the Langevoren stud, and to Marius Meeus of Langvenne for helping with arrangements. The mares were Browan Prelude, Seaview Jewel, Sarum Columbine, Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig and F. Creme Chantilly, all lovely mares, so I hope for some good foals.

Two have left us, first Lexy's lovely mare Amilas Cassiopeia, dam of F. Zeus, came home with laminitis after some years away which worsened to the point where she very sadly had to be pts. Her granddaughter F. Zerlina, known as Amy, is very very like her which is a comfort. Paith Magical Coriander, now 22yo, has gone on loan just up the road to keep a 27yo ex-event mare company and I'm sure they'll be very happy together!

It was decided that Heniarth Sherlock, now 3yo, was not going to work here as a stallion, so he has been gelded and is for sale looking for a new career as a LR pony. Anyone interested please get in touch with me.

Katherine McGrail has two of mine to ride, first her favourite, the A mare F. Quintessa who is jumping, she has been hunting, SJ, arena eventing and all being well will be doing WHP this season. The other is one of the last of my Ds, the now 5yo F. Heartbeat by my F. Dandelion ex Vinians Calon by Tynged Calon Lan. She has done one flat class, qualifiying for the NPS winter Pure Novice Final by coming 3rd. She went really well, very pleased with her, but looked more like a racehorse than a D, having been hunting up until then!

Sunday 20 December 2015

More pony changes

All good this time!

First the stud has been joined by two lovely new mares, first Sarum Columbine, three quarter sister to my much loved Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig as they are both ex Springbourne Camelia (by Springbourne Caregan) and by the father and son Flydon Henri ap Pip (Cadw) and Flydon Caredig (Columbine). Columbine is in foal to Heniarth Quinnell, and was unexpectedly joined on her journey home to me by Browan Prelude by Springbourne Caregan, and I'm delighted to have them both. Lexy has also let me have her home bred Floreat Zeus who covered some of my mares this year, so it will be interesting to see what he throws. He's beatuifully bred by Sunwillow Zermatt ex her Amilas Cassiopeia by Sunwillow Jubilee, so linebred to Sunwillow Quest.

Four more ponies have been sold, first both colt foals together to a lovely lady who house sat for me earlier in the year so got to know them then, and came back for them when she needed a companion for her recently bought TB out of training - although it was intended to be just one! She wanted something she could work with and eventually break for grandchildren to ride and to be driven, and she'd previously worked with ponies I'd bred and sold so knew the stock. The two riddens I've been wanting to sell have also gone together, to a big equestrian livery and training centre where I know they will be very well looked after and carefully ridden.

I'm expecting four or five foals next year, one by Quinnell, possibly one by Penwisg Orator (which will be DNA'd to find out) and the rest by Zeus, all very exciting!

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Ponies who have left us

So far this year two have been pts, and four sold.

Age caught up with Penwisg Orator and he started losing weight rapidly for no apparent reason, so after a fun month out with the mares he was pts at home. He had a good time here for his last years. Tragically for me though was F. Creme de Cassis, only 16yo and our favourite pony, who I was hoping to breed some more lovely foals from. She had major, violent colic and it was the only thing to be done for her, a final kindness to stop her suffering. Sadly I have no daughter to carry on her line, she only had two lovely colts now both gelded and successful under saddle.

The four sold were F. Locomotion, who found a wonderful home with his half brother F. Belleboy; the latter is mother's and Monty is daughter's. Good luck to them all. Three As have also been sold, F. Cosmos (4th RWAS this year) has gone to Northern Ireland to be ridden, driven a cover a few mares, and F. Camellia and F. Moonstone went together to the NE Midlands to be ridden ponies.

Thursday 28 May 2015

2015 foals

As I expected - two grey colts! But lovely ones.

The first, by Penwisg Orator ex Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig, is now a month old. Cadw's daughter F. Camellia is sold and successfully competing in LR classes and her 3yo son F. Cosmos is currently being shown and acquitting himself well.

The second, born this week, is by Idyllic Nimrod ex Floreat Prima Donna, first foal from a young mare who was herself 3rd RWAS.

Tuesday 31 March 2015


Well, F. Moonstone came up trumps for me and won the Sarum Stud A section of the National High Point Junior Gelding of the Year which was presented to me at the WPCS AGM last w/e. He was also 2nd in the Section A IH Points section of the SCWPCA points competition, so did me proud. Many thanks to Liesl Burt who showed him for me. Moo and his half sister Mille (F. Camellia), both by Flydon Henadur, hve been sold to a lovely showing home with Millie already being placed in LR classes.

Addy's daughter F. Prima Donna awaits her foal by Idyllic Nimrod in late May, and Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig is due to foal to Penwisg Orator in late April. I'm expecting two colts, while hoping they may be fillies after all!

New addition to the stud is Heniarth Sherlock by Blanche Montana ex H. Yippee-aye-yeah, a beautiful chestnut roan colt who will hopefully be my next stallion. In the meantime while he grows up, I still have the veteran Penwisg Orator and will be covering a couple of mares with Lexy's colt F. Zeus by Sunwillow Zermatt ex Amilas Cassiopeia.

Friday 5 September 2014

2014 update

We have had a quiet year here with no foals born and Cwmsarah Arwr, gelded last autumn, has found a really lovely new home to be a LR pony for Lily who is 5 and already sitting on him bareback so good luck to them all.

The pony being shown this year was the 3yo gelding F. Moonstone who has had a very good season including a Ch and Res Ch Gelding at different shows and qualifying for the Welsh Nats, when sadly he stopped eating and turned into a hatrack for the occasion! Now we just wait for the adding up of gelding points with crossed fingers, and hope he finds an appreciative riding home.

Running with the mares here this season was the 22yo Penwisg Orator, fully Coed Coch bred, who showed he's still got it with Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig being scanned in foal to him yesterday, I believe that Seaview Jewel is in foal too, but I won't have her scanned as she's still very feral, if extremely sweet natured, and I think would have a nervous breakdown if I tried to, I wouldn't subject her to that. Cadw has answered the question about Oliver's fertility anyway. F. Prima Donna is believed safely in foal to Wensley Nimrod which should be a lovely foal.

I have some ridden ponies for sale if anyone's looking, mostly As but also a small Cob who although D bred, will I believe be able to be downgraded to a C at 7yo, bred from top class ridden parents.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

New addition!

The buckskin colt foal Islyn Macsen (Sunwillow Irving ex Islyn Hyder
by Waxwing Hurricane) has joined the stud, hopefully as a future
stallion. Sadly the very lovely Cwmsarah Arwr has turned out to be
infertile, is booked in to be gelded, and will be for sale to be
ridden in due course.

Floreat Quintessa has found a lovely loan home being ridden by
children. I love them to be ridden before joining the broodmare
herd, particularly now when like many I have cut down my breeding to
the absolute minimum needed to preserve bloodlines. I do have a
couple of lovely young mares I would lend to the right person for a
ridden career if anyone's interested, one backed, one unbroken, both
shown successfully in hand.