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Sunday 27 May 2012

Foals update : 2 Sec A colts

Floreat Zeus
Amilas Cassiopeia x Sunwillow Zermatt
Cremello colt
Born 22 May

Floreat Cosmos
Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig x Sunwillow Zermatt
Grey (palomino) colt
Born 15 May

Friday 11 May 2012

First foals of 2012

We have had the first 2 foals born of 2012 within a couple of days of each other, first was Broughton Saffron (Welsh D) who had a gorgeous palomino filly foal by Floreat Dandelion on Weds 9 May. And then next was Seaview Jewel (Welsh A) had a scopey chestnut (roan?) filly foal by Sunwillow Zermatt. Saffron's filly has been named Floreat Angelina since she is the spitting image in colour and markings as Floreat Angie (who is her aunt). Jewel's filly has not yet been named.

We have 2 further D's (both by Floreat Dandelion) and 2 further A's (both by Sunwillow Zermatt) yet to come, expected over the next couple of weeks. Updates will be posted as new foals arrive.

Seaview Jewel & filly foal
Welsh Section A
Foal by Sunwillow Zermatt

Broughton Saffron & Floreat Angelina
Welsh Section D filly foal
Foal by Floreat Dandelion