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Monday 12 November 2012

Floreat Camellia home.

She has been off showing, in the able hands of Leisl Burt, and came
home yesterday after the SEWPCA show looking wonderfuly clean and
sparkling, which hasn't lasted long when turned out in a muddy
field! We were very pleased with her - two firsts, one followed by
Res. Ch. Youngstock, and two thirds, but also because she never put a
foot wrong in spite of not having been off the place before. A true
child's pony in the making!

Last Floreat Foal!

Last of the five is the Section D bay filly Floreat Sweetheart by
Floreat Dandelion out of Vinians Calon. Announcement delayed because
she had a weird autoimmune condition unknown to veterinary science
and we weren't sure if we could keep her - steroids and ABs for
months though seems to have done the trick!

Friday 1 June 2012

Floreat Stud now on Facebook!

Lexy has dragged Sarah into the 21st century and we now have a stud Facebook page:

This will be updated with news and photos, so do add us for updates!

Sunday 27 May 2012

Foals update : 2 Sec A colts

Floreat Zeus
Amilas Cassiopeia x Sunwillow Zermatt
Cremello colt
Born 22 May

Floreat Cosmos
Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig x Sunwillow Zermatt
Grey (palomino) colt
Born 15 May

Friday 11 May 2012

First foals of 2012

We have had the first 2 foals born of 2012 within a couple of days of each other, first was Broughton Saffron (Welsh D) who had a gorgeous palomino filly foal by Floreat Dandelion on Weds 9 May. And then next was Seaview Jewel (Welsh A) had a scopey chestnut (roan?) filly foal by Sunwillow Zermatt. Saffron's filly has been named Floreat Angelina since she is the spitting image in colour and markings as Floreat Angie (who is her aunt). Jewel's filly has not yet been named.

We have 2 further D's (both by Floreat Dandelion) and 2 further A's (both by Sunwillow Zermatt) yet to come, expected over the next couple of weeks. Updates will be posted as new foals arrive.

Seaview Jewel & filly foal
Welsh Section A
Foal by Sunwillow Zermatt

Broughton Saffron & Floreat Angelina
Welsh Section D filly foal
Foal by Floreat Dandelion

Sunday 8 April 2012

Stud members changes!

I did say never say never - well first I will now be keeping this
year's foal by Leo out of the borrowed Broughton Saffron, making
three due by him. Second - I have given in to temptation and am very pleased to have
acquired I think the only D mare that would have tempted me - Paith
Magical Coriander, foundation mare of the Saith Stud. Sadly they
have had to sell all their stock and I have always coveted Coriander,
who has bred them a string of top class offspring following a super
career in hand as a youngster. I greatly admired her sire,
Gwrthafarn Commander, when I saw him being hacked out while he was
at the Rotherdale stud, and love his breeding. Leo will cover her
here this season. Their offspring will combine all the bloodlines I
look for in a ridden for I think the first time!

I have done something else I thought I'd never do - lent my precious
Angie out to a ridden home. I have her daughter F. Dancing Queen by
Llanina Maredded, now a 2yo, and as I can no longer ride she had no
job here. I wasn't looking to loan her but the most perfect home
came up so I plucked up my courage and let her go, never to be sold

Floreat Quintessa is with Katherine McGrail again being ridden and has
qualified already this year for Equifest and the Balanced Horse Feeds
Final as a FR.