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Saturday 4 November 2017

2017 New additions!

Five lovely foals were born this year, all by the leased Dutch stallion Langevoren Chocolate Cream's Last. Sarum Columbine and Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig foaled together first, both fillies and named F. Choisya and F. Dawn Chorus respectively, the latter having been born on World Dawn Chorus Day. A month later Brown Prelude had the only colt of the five, named F. Purcell, and F. Creme Chantilly a filly named F. Double Cream. Three weeks later came F. Pearl out of Seaview Jewel. All beautiful foals, and all will be grey - I did hope for some colour but not to be. All the fillies will be retained.

I have a new mare too, many thanks to owner/breeder Anne Brown - Brown Madam Butterfly, half sister to Lulu by Bengad Dogberry. And she's BAY, for a change! In foal to Heniarth Quinnell, which is exciting.

Wednesday 29 March 2017


I'm well overdue for a stud update!

No new additions in 2016 apart from the four foals born, three by Zeus and Columbine's lovely dark grey filly by Heniarth Quinnell, now named F. Crocus. Of the Zeus foals, F. Creme Chantilly had a cremello colt, F. Custard Cream, now with Katherine McGrail and the other two were fillies, F. Zerlina, grey ex F. Prima Donna and F. Catseye, buckskin ex Seaview Jewel, all three fillies retained. Crocus is currently with Liesl Burt to be shown.

In 2016 five mares ran with a lovely Dutch stallion, Langevoren Chocolate Cream's Last (Bengad Dogberry ex Glenfield Chololate Cream by G. Chololate Soldier) and all look well in foal. He was brought in for his Glenfield bloodlines, very difficult to find now. I used to help with covering at Glenfield, and very very few ponies have been bred there for years, so I hope for some good foals to keep the lines going in the UK. Very many thanks to Sjef de Kanter of the Langevoren stud, and to Marius Meeus of Langvenne for helping with arrangements. The mares were Browan Prelude, Seaview Jewel, Sarum Columbine, Flydon Cadw Cyfrenig and F. Creme Chantilly, all lovely mares, so I hope for some good foals.

Two have left us, first Lexy's lovely mare Amilas Cassiopeia, dam of F. Zeus, came home with laminitis after some years away which worsened to the point where she very sadly had to be pts. Her granddaughter F. Zerlina, known as Amy, is very very like her which is a comfort. Paith Magical Coriander, now 22yo, has gone on loan just up the road to keep a 27yo ex-event mare company and I'm sure they'll be very happy together!

It was decided that Heniarth Sherlock, now 3yo, was not going to work here as a stallion, so he has been gelded and is for sale looking for a new career as a LR pony. Anyone interested please get in touch with me.

Katherine McGrail has two of mine to ride, first her favourite, the A mare F. Quintessa who is jumping, she has been hunting, SJ, arena eventing and all being well will be doing WHP this season. The other is one of the last of my Ds, the now 5yo F. Heartbeat by my F. Dandelion ex Vinians Calon by Tynged Calon Lan. She has done one flat class, qualifiying for the NPS winter Pure Novice Final by coming 3rd. She went really well, very pleased with her, but looked more like a racehorse than a D, having been hunting up until then!